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Hey! I'm Chris.

Programmer C.S. Graduate Reader Geek


Sorting Visualizer

Visualization tool for Insertion-sort, Selection-sort, Bubble-sort and Heapsort.

Pathfinding Visualizer

Visualization tool for BFS, DFS, A* and Dijkstra's algorithm.

Programming Language - Lingua

Original programming language designed to resemble the english language.

Quotebook - Quote Journal

IOS App that lets people create, store and organize quotes.

Medication Reminders

Alexa skill created during UnitedHealth Group software development internship.

On Your Own

Mental wellness software created during UnitedHealth Group internal Hackathon.

About Me

Who am I?

I'm a student at Rutgers University New Brunswick going for my B.A. in Computer Science. I'm trying to have a 6 pack of the mind and body, I'm a huge One Piece fan, and I love tech in all shapes and sizes!

Full Name:
Christian Mitton
Grad Date:
May 2020

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